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gerne natur story - like nature story

From grandmother's garden to happy nature

The memory of grandmother's garden with its fragrant wild herbs, fully covered berry bushes, colorful vegetables and olive trees. But also with the memory of the excursions to the Dead Sea and taking home the salt water and mud, just as these natural products have been used as a matter of course for skin care. My grandmother told us about the beauty secret of queen cleopatra of egypt. The Queen has always used olive oil, dead sea water, milk and honey in her retual skin care routine.


Tradition meets modernity

The desire to combine this personal beauty tradition with the most modern methods and skin care gives rise to the idea of founding Gerne Natur. So began - gladly nature, however, really take shape.

For the benefit of your skin, we have - gladly natural - included care products with many natural substances and ancient recipes without animal testing in our care concept.

Personally, individually, of course

The Gerne natur company philosophy: high-quality products that impress with their content - and not just with their packaging design. Transparency, personality and individuality are very important. Gerne Natur stands in the direct tradition of the astonishingly extensive care of our grandmothers. They already had the right care for every skin type. Of course, Gerne Natur creates a very personal treatment plan for all customers on request for their individual needs.

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